Healthy Green Schools is an educational school greening program to transform schools into safer, healthier and more sustainable environments for children and staff. Children spend a large part of their day in the school environment and schools are often full of harmful chemicals that are potentially damaging to health. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently called for a major examination of chemicals found in everything from cleaners to personal care products and their impact on children's health, as only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals on the market have ever been tested for safety by the government. With 12% of children suffering from asthma today, 1 in 88 children being diagnosed with autism (in 2000), and childhood cancers, obesity, juvenile diabetes, premature puberty and other health issues on the rise, it is critical that schools search for ways to reduce the toxic exposure to children where they can. Healthy Green Schools makes this adventure educational, easy and fun!

The Healthy Green Schools certification program focuses on reducing toxic exposures from cleaners, foods, plastics and other products in the school through education of staff and parents. 


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