What is the process of getting certified? 


Healthy Green Schools is a education organization that is a one-stop shop "greening" education program for schools. Our leaders take the hard work and guesswork out of the "greening" process by walking schools through the process and doing as much of the work as possible! 


Healthy Green Schools Certification Requirement


1.  Education classes for administration, parents and staff about harmful chemicals

2 . Implement a Child-Friendly School-Wide Recycling Program and Education

3 . Create And Implement a Waste Reduction Plan

4 . Implement the Healthy Green Schools Food Guidelines

5.  Remove toxic chemicals in foods, products, plastics, toys and more

6 . Provide Continuing Education to Staff and Administration

7.  Provide Continuing Education for Parents


We evaluate current products and educate about non-toxic product choices. Health Green School staff will help set up a school-wide recycling program, create guidelines for reducing waste, set up and implementation a healthy food program, and educate administrators, staff and parents. Continuing education is provided directly to staff and parents as a critical piece of the certification process. Our website serves as a constant and updated education source with links to current news about chemicals and toxins, recycling, reducing waste, and recipe ideas for quick, healthy snacks and meals.

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