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What Are Safe Cleaning Alternatives: 

Find out how to clean anything using safe ingredients like vinegar and baking soda  

American Academy Calls for Safer Chemicals Due To Toxic Effects on Children

The AAP weighs in for the first time on the serious concerns of the effects of everyday chemicals on children and their development and health 

CNN Article


American Academy of Pediatrics: Original Statement


What Chemicals Are In Cleaners and What are the Dangers? A Good List Of Safer Commercial Brands


Cleaners \"Hall Of Shame: By The Environmental Working Group


What are Phthalates And What Are Their Effects On Children?

Phthalates are very common chemicals found in cleaners, personal products, plastics and most products with \"fragrance\". Find out the hazards of these chemicals.


The EPA on the Dangers of Phthalates

\"EPA is concerned about phthalates because of their toxicity and the evidence of pervasive human and environmental exposure to these chemicals.\" 


Fragrance and Phthalates in Personal Products


Risks of Parabens and Phthalates


Toxic Effects of Parabens and Phthalates


What is an Endocrine Disruptor? What are the Risks? 


More Information on Endocrine Disruptors


What Are the Dangers of Pesticides to Children? AAP Recommends Children Avoid Pesticides


Research Links Pesticides to ADHD in Children


AAP: Pesticides Pose Serious Risk To Children


EPA: Children at Greater Risk for Pesticide Exposure


Pesticide Exposure in Womb Lowers IQ


Foods to Buy Organic: The Clean 15 and The Dirty Dozen


What are Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) and Why is it Important to Encourage Schools to Encourage a NO GMOS Policy? 

This is a movie you can rent for $2.99. The best all encompassing way to learn everything you need to know about the ever-concerning topic of GMOs.



How to Teach Children About Recycling


Recycling Crafts for Kids



Children Accumulate 50% of Their Cancer Risk by Their Second Birthday. Chemicals that cause cancer via genetic mutations were up to 65 times more potent when exposures occur during childhood instead of adulthood. The average carcinogen that damaged DNA in the government\'s analysis was found to be 10 times more potent during childhood than in adulthood.


287 Chemicals Found in the Cord Blood of Newborns


Asthma Statistics and Prevalence


Current Autism Rates 1 in 50

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